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Your brand should be on Amazon!

It's easy to think that Amazon is the be all and end all of retail. This is not always the case BUT at the same time, it's a huge shop window that people are walking around with their wallets open and they are ready to spend. Don't let the sale go. Get on Amazon and stay in control of your brand.

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How Post It Notes can give you focus

I believe that the one thing that stops people from starting a business is not money, time or even an idea. It's overwhelm. You've so much going on in your head that it seems too overwhelming to even start. Well, I have a clever little trick which I used regularly to get myself organized in my head which then makes me more organized elsewhere. 

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The importance of keywords over brand

There are so many reasons why building a brand is so important for any business. BUT, on Amazon it is even more important to focus on what a shopper would look for if they have never heard of your brand. Keywords are critical to your selling success on Amazon and everywhere online.

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Feedback from live workshops

When I first had the idea for my business I contacted Cara - (this was several years ago) as I had a gut feeling she knew what she was doing. I have never looked back.

Whatever she has advised me to do, I do. Her business knowledge is so on point and straight forward.

She is truly a seasoned business expert and knows what's she's talking about. She recently helped me with my dying account and that was in Nov 2019, my sales have since doubled.

Just being near Cara makes you want to start a business. Trust, listen and act on her advice, you can only win!

Rifat Jan

Great day yesterday at Cara's Amazon Mastermind down in London. Cara took the time to answer questions from everyone, as well as providing feedback on individual listings.

This is the first time I've received tailored Amazon feedback for my business - a very different proposition to your standard speaker event.

If you are in the Amazon space, or thinking about it, then I'd definitely recommend attending her next event. Those who know me, know I'm not quick to make referrals, but credit where credits due - Cara delivered a top notch event.

Anthony James

Cara’s basically the Queen of Amazon - she’s an absolute boss at what it REALLY takes to get your product selling on the world’s biggest retail platform.

I attended her Amazon Masterclass wanting a beginners’ A-to-Z of what to do to get listed and selling... and I did get that, but I also got so so much more. She takes you behind the scenes of navigating Amazon’s algorithms, its PPC model, page performance data and shows you not just ‘how to do it’ but ‘how to optmise it’... AKA in front of your target audience and selling.

Plus, she really, really cares - I felt listened to, understood and supported throughout. Amazon = Cara.

Matt Thomas